Headphones Required

Headphones are required to do a proper hearing screening. Without headphones the game cannot deliver sounds seperately to the left and right ear. Additionally headphones can help attenuate outside sounds.

Quiet Place

It may be difficult to hear the quietest audio test tones if the application is being run in a noisy room or environment. It is recommended that the game be played in a quiet place so the smallest tones are not overpowered by outside sounds.


Volume Settings

The easiest way to properly set the volume level for the game is to have an adult with 'normal' hearing set the volume of the introductory music to a comfortable listening level. The music and introduction should be easily heard, but not loud.

Email your Audiologist

The results of the test can be emailed to your audiologist for a professional interpretation.

Follow these steps to send the results to your audiologist or doctor:

  1. View the 'Hearing Results'
  2. Open your phone or tablets email app,
  3. Compose and address a new email to your audiologist.
  4. When ready 'paste' the results into the email.
  5. Send the email.