What should I enter into the mode screen fields?

There are three text input fields across the top of the 'Mode Screen.' The information entered here is entirely optional. Most of our users find it helpful for organizational purposes.

One can enter:

  • Session ID - e.g., record number, insurance number, name.
  • Age
  • Gender

Any data entered into these fields will be included at the top of the Hearing Results. Many of our users have found them useful for subsequent matching with other records. There is no need to re-enter this data from gameplay to gameplay as they always assume the last value input.

Which Mode Should I use?

We recommend the use of "Quick Full" mode for all hearing screens. This mode tests: 500hz, 1000hz, 2000hz, 4000hz, 6000hz, and 8000hz between 20dB and 50dB for both the left and right ear. "Quick Full" and "Classic Mode" both offer the same frequencies and intensities of tones, but "Quick Full" does so in a shorter time. "Classic Mode" is still required by some of our clinics, and will be removed at the appropriate time. Finally, the "Quick Speech" mode only tests 2000hz and 4000hz frequencies. Speech therapists use this mode to quickly check that a child can hear before a therapy session.

Do I need to connect to WiFi?

It is vital that the device you are using has occasional access to WiFi. A connection to WiFi will allow your device to refresh its software and Kids Hearing Game. We understand that this is not always practical. A nightly link is next best. Think about locating a charging station in a location with a strong WiFi signal.

When even nightly connections are not available, we suggest a minimum of monthly can suffice. If time is limited while the WiFi is available, then be sure to explicitly check for updates on your device while the connection is available.

How do I email results?

Follow these steps to send the results to yourself or Hearing.Games.

When viewing "Hearing Results" Kids Hearing Game also copies them to the device clipboard. It is, therefore, a straightforward exercise to email them to yourself of Hearing.Games.

  1. Open your phone or tablets email app,
  2. Compose and address a new email to your audiologist.
  3. When ready 'paste' the results into the email.
  4. Send the email. (when sending to Hearing.Games, please use the email address: data@hearing.games)