Welcome Clinician,

Kids Hearing Game has been designed to be an engaging and fun way for children ages 4 and above to complete a hearing test. With little instruction, most children can complete the test on their own in just a few minutes. Enlisting a parent's help can free up valuable staff time. While Kids Hearing Game is easy to use. We suggest that you practice taking the test yourself and giving it to other co-workers to gain familiarity with it before using it in a clinical setting.


We have several resources available on our web site to help you get started and to answer your questions as they arise. You may want to start by looking at and printing a "Using KHG in the Clinic" document. We also have a great "Using KHG in the Clinic" video. Kids Hearing Game works with a wide variety of Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire devices, you can, therefore, use a personal device to administer the test. Many of our clinics prefer to use a dedicated tool for hearing tests; we have a few suggested pieces of equipment for you to look at here.

Contact Information

If all else fails, please feel free to write to us using the contact form provided here.