FAQs and Support

Proper Testing Environment

The game is designed to be used with headphones or earbuds in a reasonably quiet room. If there is too much noise in the surrounding environment your child may not be able to hear the quietest sounds, even though they are capable of hearing at that level. Please turn off TVs, radios, and other sound sources. If there are other children around it would be best to ask them to be quiet while they wait their chance to play this fun game.


Volume Settings

It is important to set the audio volume on the device properly. This is not difficult though. Simply start the application and adjust the music volume to a comfortable listening level. This should be done by a person with known good hearing. If the volume is set too low or too high the application will let you know in the 'Hearing Results' screen. To address this issue, simply restart the game, adjust the volume in the appropriate direction, and have your child play the game again! (Aw-shucks!)


Working with iOS Testflight

We have invited a few individuals into our 'BETA' Test program. If you are one of these individuals, you have received an email from 'Testflight' and should follow the instructions contained therein. Learn More...


How to use Kids Hearing Game in a Clinical Setting

It takes just a few simple steps to successfully run Kids Hearing Game (KHG) in a clinical setting. Most clinics will desire a way to record the 'Hearing Results' in a permanent manner for future reference.  Learn More...


How are the Audio Results computed?

This is a pretty detailed question about the Audio Results presented at the end of the game play. Learn More...