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90% of all kids have times when they can’t hear well

It’s hard to know when a child is not hearing well, especially since there are often no other signs that something is not right. While hearing loss is usually temporary, it can last for months, making it hard to hear even normal conversation. With one good ear, your child can hear the sounds around them, but can’t tell where they are coming from. Untreated, this can lead to lifelong problems, especially in school.

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Good grades needs good hearing

Detects more than 90% of all types of hearing loss.

Normal hearing lays the foundation for learning well. Children with poor hearing have lower marks and are more likely to repeat a grade. A child can’t listen to something she doesn’t hear. Find out more here

Once a Year is NOT enough.

Once a year is NOT enough.

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Ear fluid is especially likely with colds, flu and allergy attacks, but often has no identifiable cause- even normal children have problems with stuffy ears. It can be difficult to tell that your child is not hearing well. Learn more about how ear fluid causes hearing loss ( link to page with Smith foreward/ Lando medical explanation or this )

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